Welcome to Image2coord!

First: choose an image from your computer.
You can upload a file, copy a url below here, drag and drop an image or paste an image from clipboard!
Don't worry, the image stays in the browser, it's not sent anywhere!

Paste or drag and drop


😸 Now you need to click on "Top-left" link. Then choose a point in the plot where you know exactly the value (e.g. a point in the y axis). Then, do the same for "bottom-right" and choose a point in the x axis.

Top-left: {{topLeft}}px set
{{bottomRight}}px set
Mouse: {{current}}
Great! Now you need to choose a number of columns, every click will fill a column. When you finised, click "add point".
➜ click on the image to set:{{waitClick}}
the app is running fine